Raffle Ticket(s) (1-3)


Purchase 1-3 Raffle tickets at 10$ a piece. If you want to buy 5, use the other option to purchase 5 tickets for $40.



We are really excited about our raffle this year! We have a great collection of prizes we are putting together but we are REALLY excited about our grand prize!

GRAND PRIZE: The grand prize raffle item is a custom board by Todd Sutz from Island Inspired Board Company with a value of up to $1,200!!!! What is special about this grand prize is you are not limited to winning a random board – you can PICK what board you want! Even better, say you want to upgrade to a more expensive board or add some custom options – winning the grand prize is like having $1,200 in cash to spend towards it!

100% of the raffle proceeds will be donated to our friends at Surfers Healing for their 2018 Surf Camp so buy up and GOOD LUCK!

NOTE: Winners must be present for all prizes, except for Grand Prize (Island Inspired Board)